Saturday, 23 May 2015

The 2015 Rainforest World Music Festival: 1DRUM.ORG

Hi, welcome to The Borneo Broadcast.  It's been a while since my last post, I was involved with an event last night.  One which involved a lot of dignitaries so I had to concentrate a lot of time on planning for that event.  Now that it's all done, it's time to sit down in front of the ol' laptop once again.  Feels good to be back on the laptop again.

Here’s some more information about the Rainforest World Music Festival, scheduled for August 7th to the 9th 2015.  If you have not been to the festival,  the RWMF is listed under 10 Global Music Festivals to see on Your Gap Year Abroad and it’s been voted for 5 consecutive years as one of the 25 best International Festivals by Songlines magazine.

Now one of the new attractions introduced last year was the Drum Circle.  what is the Drum Circle, conducted by 1DRUM.ORG, the drum circle is a celebration  of rhythm and spontaneous percussions.  The Drum Circle is for everyone regardless of age, you are invited to participate in a unique musical experience.  The Drum Circle takes place after the workshops, in front of the main stage in the evening before the concerts would start.

If you don't have any drums or percussion instruments, don't worry, they will provide you with drums of all shapes and sizes, a myriad of drums await you at the Drum Circle each evening.  What they'll do is to guide on how to create the beats that will reverberate in the rainforest.  Who's they?  Well, that 1DRUM.ORG, they're the facilitators for the drum circle.

1Drum Circle is a great way to meet like-minded people and an opportunity to reconnect with your inner rhythm.

This is your stage. Lets sing & dance, drum & chant to celebrate life thru music. Bring along your music instruments, dancing shoes or your voice and join us. No drumming experience necessary!  The guys from 1DRUM.ORG will be there to help you out.  Drums will be provided for 100 pax per session.

For more information about the 1Drum Circle, The Rainforest World Music Festival, the performers, workshop and everything else, just click on this link right here

All the information and pics featured here are all courtesy of the Sarawak Tourism Board, the organisers of the Rainforest World Music Festival, thank you STB.

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