Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Borneo Broadcast: Entangen, The Original Datak Taste.

Hi, welcome to the Borneo Broadcast.  As I promised a while back, I was bringing this blog of mine back to life after taking a rather prolonged hiatus.  I blame it all on fatigue but mostly on work. My day job had become more....what's the word I was looking for here, more convoluted and time consuming.  I still like being a broadcaster but the atmosphere and situation was changing and it was taking up so much of my time.  Something had to give and unfortunately it was my blog.  I said that if I could not give this blog my full attention then I would stop and unfortunately I did.

I stopped and took a long break but the situations at work have changed yet again.  So I find myself with the desire to come back to my blog and here I am.  Okay let's get to our topic which is Entangen, The Original Dayak Taste.

Entangen is a name of a cafe located in an area called Padungan in Kuching.  Padungan is part of Kuching's Chinatown.  It is one of the busiest streets in Kuching.  It's a place where you can find just about anything and everything.  First and foremost there's food from traditional Chinese cuisine to coffee houses and food and beverage outlets.  The entire street is a foodie paradise.  It doesn't hurt that since tourism became a major attraction for the city and state, B & B's and backpacker hotels are mushrooming.  As I'm writing for my blog, a new hotel is under construction as we speak.  There's a department store nearby, shops that sell fresh fruits, shops that sell local confectionery and snacks, fresh buns and cakes, chicken rice, barbecue meats and so on and so forth.  

I usually frequent a shop that sells barbecue meat for lunch on the weekends.  Each time I would see this place called Entangen and I always wondered what this is is selling, it looked some what different from the other shops in the area.  Then I saw the signage and posters and so on, it's a cafe!

 This is Entangen's brand new signage.  Unique.

Now, each time when I walked by the place I became curious.  Well one day curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to try this place out.  I sat down and ordered some food and I liked it. A lot.  I've been back there a number of times.  When I look for a place to eat, I usually look for a place that's nice with good service, fair price and of course great food.  Well, I'm happy to say I found it in Entangen.

Let's have a look at some of the dishes served by Entangen.
After eating at Entangen numerous times, I finally met the owner of the establishment.  A very friendly young lady who's juggling her studies, helping her father in the family business and running a cafe serving traditional local cuisine.  Her name is Lianny Bujang.  

I then decided to ask Lianny if I could interview her for my blog and podcast.  She was receptive to the idea.
After working out our time table we set a date for our chat and it took place just outside Entangen.  I could on and on about the food, the ambience and the food (did I say food already?) but I thought it'd be better if Lianny herself tells you about Entangen.

To listen to my interview with Lianny, click on the link below and have a listen to my podcast.

Okay there's the link, have a listen to my conversation with Lianny about Entangen.

If you'd like to find out more about Entangen, check out their Facebook page, look for Entangen Ruai.
That's it for this edition of the Borneo Broadcaster.  Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you'll take some time and also listen to my Podcast on Soundcloud.  Big thank you goes out to Lianny and everyone at Entangen.  Thanks for the use of the photos.  Thank you for agreeing to the interview.

I'll be back soon with more for you about.....well just about everything.

See you on the next edition of the Borneo Broadcast!!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Borneo Broadcast is coming back!!

Greetings from Borneo
When I started this little blog of mine, I planned to keep it going for as long as I can but I let things get out of hand with work commitments and other things in my life.  I made the mistake of taking on too many things at once and before I knew it, I was overwhelmed.  Totally overwhelmed.

I almost came back last year but I decided if I could not give at least 99 percent to this blog, I decided I wouldn't, I shouldn't do anything half way.  I told myself it isn't right, it isn't ethical.

Well it's now 2017.  I find myself literally hungering to come back to the Borneo Broadcast.  I fully intend to give my full attention to my blog.  So, with that said, I am making plans to revive this blog of mine.  So if you have been following the blog (all three of you, hahahaha....please be more than three).........The Borneo Broadcast is coming back.

Watch this space.

As you can no doubt see, I am hard at work right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, The Borneo Broadcast is coming back.